May 2014

New building efa GmbH

May 2014|

The production area in Hohen Neuendorf is extended by a new building by 400m ².

December 2013

ISO 9001:2008 efa GmbH

December 2013|

ISO 9001:2008 Zertifizierung der efa GmbH

May 2013


Mai 2013|

The efa group has grown to over 60 employees.

July 2012

ISO 9001: 2008 efa France SARL

July 2012|

ISO 9001: 2008 certification of the efa France SARL for all business sectors (distribution, production and development)

January 2011


January 2011|

The efa Group now has 30 employees.

May 2010

Moving efa GmbH

May 2010|

Moving the efa GmbH with the fields of engineering, manufacturing and warehouse in the more than 1000 square meter building in Hohen Neuendorf.

June 2009

Focus on new markets

June 2009|

Focus on new markets (mechanical engineering, plant and equipment) by the global economic crisis

May 2008

Moving efa France SARL

May 2008|

Moving the efa France SARL in the new building in the industrial park in Fondettes.

September 2004

Moving efa GmbH

September 2004|

Moving the efa GmbH in the heritage listed building in the Mollwitz street in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

June 2004

Founding efa France SARL

June 2004|

Foundation of efa SARL, established in Fondettes (Tours, France).

December 2003

Conversion / founding efa GmbH

December 2003|

Conversion / founding efa GmbH

August 1999


August 1999|

Foundation of sole proprietorship efa in Germany with a focus on trade in parts for the height access technology.